Frequently Asked Questions



What is scalping?

Scalping invloves very short term trades, sometimes of only a few seconds trading in and out of the order flow.




Is scalping different to flow trading?

No, they are essentially different terms for the same style of trading.




Does scalping involve using charts?

No there is no need for charts.




Does scalping involve using price levels?

No, we don't use price levels or any form of technical analysis trading because we believe they are unreliable.




Who are scalpers trading against?

We try to trade against small retail traders who we believe we have consistent edge over. We aim to leave the big traders alone - they have bigger risk limits than us and we are unlikely to have edge over them.




Who can learn to scalp?

It is advisable that new scalpers have some trading experience preferably in futures markets. Scalping requires patience, discipline, focus and fast responses and so will not be suitable for everyone.




Which markets can we scalp?

We need to be able to trade directly against other retail traders so we cannot use FX platforms or CFDs. Futures markets are the preferred markets.



Do scalpers need specialist software?

Yes. There are some excellent platforms and software available for scalpers, most at reasonable cost.




Does Gary conduct the training personally or will someone else train me?

Gary conducts all training personally but because of this he teaches only a few people each year.


Are there ongoing fees after the initial training?

No, there is a one-off fee and all future support and mentoring is included.